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      Click above for high-res image gallery. Photos exclusive to Luxist.

      Winter can be a long cold interlude verging on a test of endurance in the Northeast and it's all too easy to get bogged down by the doldrums. Plenty of people either hibernate by their hearths or hit the beach until the mercury makes its ascent but there are myriad ways to keep warm with style verve and panache. We recently gathered some of our favorite accessories of the season at Wheatleigh replica michele jetway watch the majestic mansion-turned-luxury hotel in the heart of the Berkshires' winter wonderland. Getting us there in style and comfort through anything the weather cared to concoct was the 2011 Range Rover Sport a luxurious way to see the landscape safe in the knowledge that the elements have met their match. The pedigreed SUV's smooth refined performance and rugged good looks mark it as a thoroughbred in all respects a suitably stylish conveyance for arriving at a desirable destination like Wheatleigh. And we had the great new Olympus PEN E-PL1 compact versatile digital camera on hand to record it all for your vicarious enjoyment.

      Wheatleigh located in Lenox Mass. next door to Edith Wharton's famed country manor The Mount is a grand estate based on a 16th century Florentine palazzo built in 1893 by New York financier Henry H. Cook for his daughter who married a Spanish count. Many of the materials and over 150 artisans were brought from Italy to produce intricate carvings and design flourishes for the grand interiors and facades. Frederick Law Olmsted tag heuer aquaracer replica the landscape architect who designed Central Park in New York was responsible for creating "Wheatleigh Park" on the land surrounding the palazzo. Following a four year multimillion dollar renovation it was transformed into one of the most unique luxurious small hotels in the world. The nineteen suites guest rooms and baths artfully combine antiques and custom furnishings with original museum quality contemporary art. The baths are finished with English limestone longines prestige gold replica sales marble and hand-blown glass fixtures and most rooms feature fireplaces and Bang & Olufsen TVs. Check out the gallery to see the perfect accoutrements for a stylish seasonal sojourn – from books to watches replica paypal bvlgari watches champagne to cashmere sweaters and boots to bags – no matter where your journey takes you.

      Gallery: Range Rover at Wheatleigh Dec. 2010

      Arriving at WheatleighFront entranceGraf & Lantz wool felt Boat Bag  personalized Tumi Alpha wheeled case.Tumi Alpha case; Dom Perignon Tribute to Andy Warhol edition; Private Stock jeans; Graf & Lantz Quiver wine carrier w/ Robert MoWheatleigh entrance hall.

      Russian Won't See Diamond Duties Disappear Soon| Red Square <a href=tissot veloci-t w

        | Red Square <a href=tissot veloci-t watch Moscow Russia" align=right src="http://www.israelidiamond.co.il/UploadedFiles/kremlin_moscow_s_15472292-4741505.jpg" width=166> Hayk Harutyunyan | Dreamstime.comEnlarge Red Square Moscow RussiaRussias entry into the World Trade Organization at the beginning of this year did not automatically mean that the countrys high tariff barriers to gems and jewelry imports would go down anytime soon.

        Alex Popov President of the Moscow Diamond Bourse said that while the bourse had been strongly lobbying the government for either abolition or at least a reduction in customs duty the actual reduction could even take many years.

        Popov was speaking at the inauguration of the second Indo-Russian jewelry summit in Mumbai. The networking event throws Indian jewelry manufacturers together with Russian distributors and retailers.

        Explaining that diamonds and jewelry are a low-priority subject with the Russian government Popov noted that the value of the countrys entire annual production of diamonds amounted to just 1% of its oil production or 10 days of natural gas production.

        Russias jewelry consumption was however steadily growing and some 20 000 jewelry retail outlets currently employed about 150 000 people and generated an estimated $16 billion in turnover replica girard perregaux foudrayante watches online he said.

        Jewelry retail was not however evenly distributed through Russia. Moscow accounted for some 30% of the countrys jewelry stores and St. Petersburg for 10% while Russias remaining 82 regions with a population of 130 million people brought up the remaining 60%.

        Some 3 200 of Russias 4 500 jewelry manufacturers were individual workshops according to Popov. All told jewelry manufacture employed some 25 000 people currently.

        Despite this tudor replica hangbags most of state-controlled miner Alrosas output was exported and very little reached the domestic market. What little diamond manufacturing there was tended to be in specific sizes limited in scope and unsuitable for domestic jewelry manufacture Popov claimed.

        Global brands like Faberge Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels had established local distribution centers imported jewelry at cost and took their profits in Russia.

        The lowering of tariff barriers to imports was he explained extremely important to the Russian jewelry and diamond industry.

        Friedman's Gets Auction Approval


          Friedman's Jewelers currently in Chapter 11 has won bankruptcy court approval to sell off its assets replica watches paypal according to wire reports. At press time an auction was scheduled for March 6.

          In early March Friedman's had not yet named a leading bidder the Associated Press said maurice lacroix replica replica blancpain fifty fathoms watches though if it does the first competing bid must exceed the leading bidder's offer by $500 000. The bankruptcy court judge then must give final approval.

          Friedman's and subsidiary Crescent Jewelers together operate 473 jewelry stores in 20-plus states.

          Zenith Stratos Flyback

            Zenith watch manufacturer comes in 2011 with new incredible models the Stratos Flyback Watches composed of the Stratos Flyback the Stratos Flyback Striking 1/10th and the Stratos Flyback Limited Edition Johan Nilson. These new fashionable watches leave no man indifferent.The brand is one of the leading companies when it comes to innovation and design and since 1865 it has garnered many awards at important international expositions. Their timepieces are very appreciated and highly demanded worldwide by many watch lovers pleasing both men and women. With a high-quality accessory like a Zenith watch on your wrist it is impossible to walk unnoticed.Appear elegantly dressed with crystal-like jewel ladies watches matched with silver earrings. The Stratos Flyback Watches are powerful and masculine models with a sporty design and a highly technical precision being specially created for contemporary men who have also a passion for challenging situations. The wonderful watches are available in many variants and they are: the Stratos Flyback in steel on alligator leather strap the Stratos Flyback in steel on metal bracelet the Stratos Flyback in black alchron on alligator strap the Stratos Flyback Black Alchron Limited edition Johan Nilson the Stratos Flyback Black Alchron case with rose gold on alligator leather strap and the Stratos Flyback in rose gold with black alchron on alligator strap.The timepieces adopt a 45.5 mm case crafted in a variety of materials with a ceramic bezel insert found in all of the sport models nowadays. Moreover museum replica they employ sophisticated dials which accommodate central hands and applied hour markers. The dials are extremely legible and perfectly designed so the hands and the hour markers are easy to see on the dark background. They are equipped with three overlapping sub-dials and an inner flange ring engraved with a partial minute scale. The watches are protected by a sapphire crystal with an AR coat on both sides for optimal dial visibility and feature a transparent sapphire case-back so the automatic movement can be admired by the curious eyes.To bring life to the Zenith Stratos Flyback Watches replica swiss movements cartier replica longines watch the company decided to endow them with the in-house made El Primero Caliber 405B automatic movement which oscillates at 36 000 vph and stores energy for approximately 50-hour or with the Zenith El Primero 4057B Caliber movement boasting a precision of 1/10th of a second. The prices for the Flyback Watches are somewhere around $10 000 and more. Besides there is the special edition Stratos Flyback Black Alchron Limited Edition Johan Nilson watch limited to 500 pieces while the Stratos Flyback in Black Alchron on alligator leather strap is not limited. All in all the new Stratos Flyback Watches are definitely good looking masculine models suitable for the contemporary men who adore wearing at their wrist a Zenith timepiece. Zenith Stratos Flyback Pictures Gallery

            JCK Opinion Exclusive: 'M and M' (Margin and Memo)

              JCK Opinion Exclusive: &#039;M and M&#039; (Margin and Memo)Not those colorful candy treats but two other enticements that can please us provided we do not overindulge.

              I refer to Margin and Memo. I capitalize these two words because of the frequency with which I heard them at The JCK Show in Las Vegas and otherwise in the press. This month I offer some thoughts about margins next month about memo.

              Sam Walton's concern about margins was bottom-line dollars-net profit. To achieve his targets he believed in lowering prices as volume rose replica watches and that volume would rise as he lowered prices. That concept obviously had something right. He built volume milus replica watch in part by selling many categories of products vacheron constantin royal eagle watches most either generic or branded. He wiped out most of his competitors by rigorously controlling costs at times brutally so.

              Wal-Mart sells jewelry but it has not wiped out competition. Unlike soap or garden hoses jewelry is an endlessly diversified product with a large element of service and knowledge. It's also easy to get into as scale or major capital investments are not necessarily required or advantageous.

              While that's part of the beauty of the business-its wonderful personal artistic expression-it also assures that there's always more capacity than demand. Too many people get into the business and that is true throughout the pipeline excepting mining. These days excess capacity creates acute problems because of sharply reduced consumer demand. This may be the long-term reality.

              A small decline in business in a jewelry store is probably manageable. Creative use of inventory carefully planned buying trimming costs and guerilla marketing can bring things into line. But in a severe recession one's thinking needs to go back to basics. Only so many costs can be cut.

              I always think of showcase space as real estate-most retailers do. How much rent can be extracted from any particular square foot? All the variables need to be considered. Lease line space for example is more valuable than a case in the back. Some products can generate more turn than others. A sit-down case for bridal jewelry often dictates where it can be located. Sight lines are important. Merchandising and visual displays that appeal to particular consumer lifestyles should not clash. The list of factors goes on.

              The first decision however should follow Sam Walton's idea. How many dollars of profit does any square foot produce? That comes down to that big word Margin and turn. For example a totally adequate display of diamond stud earrings can be displayed in a small space. But studs are what I call a "naked" item-a product that consumers can price shop just like a Tiffany-style solitaire or a solitaire pendant. That has driven many retailers to lower margins on such generics for two essential reasons. They want to capture whatever business they can especially in an over-stored market. More importantly when consumers price a "naked" item it establishes in their mind consciously or not just how competitive that retailer is with everything in the store.

              Every department in Wal-Mart has a loss leader and it changes regularly. The rest of the department is not discounted. Competitors are often priced lower than Wal-Mart on many items.

              That doesn't work well in a jewelry store. It's easy for a consumer to buy only the special. Nobody goes to Wal-Mart to buy one item.

              The judgment needs to come down to value and bottom dollars. Look at a product and decide the best price for that piece not by using a flat markup. Then apply the turn you think you can attain. Silver for example has become popular because in many cases higher markups can be attained and important price points held. But turnover may have to be very high to earn those net dollars. Unique items or exclusive lines might have good margin potential. But always work with perceived value as the final arbiter.

              This kind of exercise is essential in determining where money is being made and where space is being wasted. When you identify losers look for replacements. It might work to have some case space dedicated to new lines that might prove to be big earners. And don't compete with yourself-eliminate pieces that are too close in price and style.

              Less can be more.

              Make those showcases earn their keep!

              West Elm Sungkai Sawhorse Worktable



                This is the West Elm Sungkai Sawhorse Worktable. We sought this product in response (somewhat) to our Gear Patrol faithful’s habit of keeping us faithfully aware that not every well-designed product fake maurice lacroix watch replica longines swiss watch in this case a desk commands three paychecks or forking over your 7 pounds.

                There exist quite a few beautifully designed desks out at attainable prices like the one you see above from Pottery Barn’s more well-priced sibling West Elm (shhh swiss replica watches odm pocket watches they don’t want you to believe they’re the same company). The Sungkai Sawhorse Worktable’s beauty comes from it’s simplicity. It’s modern and industrial yet wood. Its 60″ width and 23″ depth provide a larger worksurface and the sawhorse tables exude functionality. One inset drawer (it feels as if it were carved) exists in the middle and the entire desk is constructed of richly textured and grained sungkai wood veneer (no desk grain patterns are the same). This desk is actually the brother desk of another West Elm Sawhorse Table made of steel and glass so depending on your tastes you’ve got a choice. More photos after the jump.

                Cost: $599

                Flashback November 9, 2009


                  Mountainsmith Lumbar Day Pack


                  5.11 Tactical Light for Life


                  NBA Live 10 Giveaway

                  Blueseventy Swim Socks



                    There are two camps of open-water swimmers the purists who wear nothing but a Speedo and those who swaddle themselves in neoprene. If youre one of the masochists who prefer to swim au naturel replica blancpain or are an aspiring English Channel swimmer (wetsuits not allowed) read no further. But if youre like me and intend to keep all of your appendages intact replica watches this review is for you.

                    Last weekend I jumped into 58-degree San Francisco Bay to swim across from Alcatraz and was immediately thankful that I chose not only a 5mm wetsuit but a pair of Blueseventy swim socks. Blueseventy (the earth is 70% water get it?) is in the niche business of making gear for triathletes and open-water swimmers. We reviewed their Nero backpack a while ago here on GP and were impressed with the attention to detail and high quality. The swim socks also dont disappoint.


                    Neoprene socks and booties are nothing new. But until now piaget fake watch theres never been a pair in which you could comfortably or effectively swim. The Blueseventy socks are made from thin neoprene that fits tight from toes up to ankles without being restrictive. The soles of the socks have a grippy rubber surfaces for traction on slippery rocks. Though there are only two sizes I had no problem fitting my size 13 dogs into the large size while my wifes size 8s worked equally well in the smalls.

                    The Achilles heel (sorry) of most neoprene socks is water entry. The Blueseventy socks work best when tucked under the ankle cuffs of a wetsuit but I tried them out without a wetsuit and they didnt fill up much and stayed snug. But odds are youre going to be wearing a wetsuit if the waters cold enough for swim socks. The socks would wear equally well with sport sandals for kayaking or rafting or as an added layer of insulation under cycling shoes on rainy pvc band watches manufacturer cold rides.

                    So how did they work? An hour in San Francisco Bay is about as good a test as you could dream up for swim socks. The Blueseventy socks stayed put for the whole swim and I exited the water with my feet as warm as they were when I jumped in. During the crossing I didnt even notice they were on my feet no flapping or sloshing. The last thing you want to think about when youre fighting current waves and rogue sea lions are your frozen feet or ill-fitting socks.

                    Cost: $30

                    Letter From The Editor: The Holidays The Baggage Claim of 2010



                      With New Years nigh one cant help but notice the general relief in the air. There seems to be a general feeling that the pending year is chock-a-block with tones of hope and opportunities anew. 2009 has certainly been a memorable year one filled with its fair share of ups and downs perhaps more downs than anyone was ready for. Of course jewelry watches supplier no one knows exactly whats in store for us but there certainly arent any shortage of people looking for something better in 2010.

                      This years holidays is like an airport arrival baggage claim especially after a long turbulent flight stuck in the middle seat. Yes odm watches replica cheap harry winston watches youre tired everything is chaotic and everyone is clammoring for similarly packaged boxes around a circle with name tags on them but its the destination. Theres an air of eager anticipation of whats to come and the baggage claim is just that one final rampageous step to get you there. The hard part is over (we hope). Hopefully youll join us in manning (and gearing) up for whats to come.

                      The entire crew here at Gear Patrol and myself wish you the best this holiday season. Today is indeed Christmas and we wish you a merry one but regardless of what holiday you partake or celebrate dont deny yourself the pleasure of relishing in a few moments with your family and friends. Theyre what matter most. All of us here will be attempting to do the same.

                      p.s. Weve got a gift to our readers and ourselves. It wont be ready for another week or so vacheron constantin replica watches but its a little something-something to look forward to in the post-holiday doldrums.

                      McDavid Hexpad Technology



                        As I get a little older I don’t bounce back from bumps and bruises quite like I used to. My mind still wants to go like I’m a kid but my body inevitably pays the price. Now with McDavid Hexpad Technology beige watch I can still enjoy my contact sports without the fear of being gimpy the next day. McDavid HexPad Technology is protection that flexes and moves with your body to enhance performance.

                        McDavid’s offerings range from heavy-duty to lightweight protection and they offer pants shorts shirts replica watches and accessories. Finding the appropriate piece is as easy as selecting your intended sport. As you can see McDavid has placed just the right amount of padding in the right places for each sport they cover. Read more about Hexpad Technoligy here.My favorite aspect is that the apparel is very lightweight and easily conceals under normal clothing (read: no bulk). I took my 5-pad sleeveless body shirt with me for a little pick-up game in the park near my apartment. After a couple of hours of banging bodies under the glass I was very happy to have the protection and that no one was the wise to my secret.

                        The potential uses for McDavid Hexpad technology aren’t limited to contact sports. They offer sliding shorts for baseball or soccer wholesale chronograph watches as well as options that are perfect for mountain biking or snowboarding. Prices vary based on the amount and size of padding.

                        Cost: $38+ Shirts $50+ Shorts $9+ Sports Medicine $8+ Pads